As we go into the week leading up to Christmas (don't forget to get your last minute stocking stuffers from us), we are maintaining our regular farmers market schedule — Wednesday, December 21 at Blaisdell / Thursday, December 22 at Kailua / Saturday, December 24 at KCC. Come to any of these, but also celebrate Christmas Eve by having breakfast with us at KCC. 

New items in this week’s Mama Le menu include a Vietnamese style pumpkin bisque, which is perfect for this weather. We are also bringing back the Bun Bo Hue again because it was wildly popular last week. Here are the rest of the specials: 

PORCHETTA BUN BO HUE — porchetta pork belly, brisket, aromatic, herbs, calamansi, vermicelli, pork lemongrass broth


CHAO HAI SAN (Seafood porridge)

BABI GULIG — balinese flavored pork, lettuce, house pickles, cucumbers, topped with  fried garlic

STUFFED TOMATOES — minced pork, shiitake mushrooms, roma tomatoes

As always, you can check out the full menu and schedule is over at the Farmers Market Menu page.