As we blogged last week, we have some great stocking stuffers for this holiday season. Aside from them being highly functional, they’re also quite chic, as is evident by the photo below of our pal @pineappleice modeling our #PiggySmalls tote bag and our cool Mama Le inspired t-shirts!

We also have our Holiday Piggy Poop for pre-order as well made by our amazing pastry team — valrhona dark chocolate peanut butter covered bits of chez and honeycomb mix, salted pretzels, walnuts, dried cranberry, mini marshmallows, chocolate crinkle cookies and maldon salt tossed in coconut powdered sugar. 

Or, if you can’t decide, we also offer gift certificates as low as $10! 

All of these items can be bought at the two locations (pending availability of that day’s stock) or ordered online from our Goods and Merchandise site.  

At the farmers markets this week, we are calling it pork fest as we go back to the core of what The Pig & the Lady is all about. All of our specials this week have pork in it and we are loving it. Here they are: 

BUN BO HUE — pork belly, brisket, aromatic, herbs, calamansi, vermicelli, pork lemongrass broth

THIT KHO — vietnamese style caramelized and braised pork shoulder with eggs

BABI GULING PORK BANH MI — balinese flavored pork, lettuce, house pickles, cucumbers, topped with  fried garlic

PORK CHAO — mama le’s nourishing vietnamese rice porridge

BUN CHA HANOI — grilled pork belly & pork shoulder, marinated in fish sauce, sides of pressed vermicelli noodles, otsuji lettuce, house pickles, shiso, lemon balm

We are not messing around! If you’re a pork lover, then swing by the farmers markets! We will be on our regular schedule. As always, you can check out the full menu and schedule is over at the Farmers Market Menu page.