We hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far. The Pig staff celebrated with an ugly Christmas sweater theme last week and it was a total blast.

We are gearing up for the final week of 2016! Just for your info, both restaurants will be closed on New Years Day. 

This year has been an eventful one for us, with the opening of our second eatery, Piggy Smalls at Ward Village. We look forward to 2017 and have some grand plans in store, and we can’t wait to implement them. As always, you can check our blog for all the latest updates. 

Meanwhile, we are sticking to our regular farmers market schedule — Wednesday at Blaisdell / Thursday at Kailua / Saturday morning at KCC. Below are our specials for the week: 

BO KHO -- beef brisket stew with carrots, tomatoes, garlic chives, culantro, thai basil, egg noodles

BUN THIT NUONG — grilled beef, local pork, and its all marinated in savory fish sauce vinaigrette, lettuce, veggies, vermicelli noodles

ADOBO MUSHROOM — hamakua mushrooms braised Filipino style

BABI GULIG — balinese flavored pork, lettuce, house pickles, cucumbers, topped with  fried garlic

One final thing to mention — It’s Chef Andrew’s son’s 2nd birthday this week! If you see little Ollie at the restaurant, then wish him a happy birthday! His middle name is “Lucky” (yes, that’s his legal name) and Chef considers him a lucky charm and part of this whole culinary journey. 

As always, you can check out the full menu and schedule is over at the Farmers Market Menu page.