We'll be at KCC Farmer's Market tomorrow morning + Make your reservation for Valentine's Day!

Hey, even though we are at the tail end of our week long break, we’ll be at the KCC Farmers Market tomorrow morning, bright and early from 7:30am thru 11am! It’ll be a NOODLE BAR themed menu, just like the old pop-up days in Kakaako. Here’s some of the selections from the menu:

Northern style pho with rare beef

Pho with grilled pork sausage

Pho with grilled pork jowl

Breakfast pho with thick cuts of pork belly bacon

Slow cooked chicken pho

Yep, it’s definitely a “Pho Fest” tomorrow morning! As always, you can check out the full menu over at the Farmers Market Menu page. 

In the meantime, we’ll be closed on Monday for lunch and then back and open for business (with some much needed upgrades in the restaurant) on Tuesday, February 2nd! 

Also, right on the horizon is Valentine’s Day, which will fall on Sunday, February 14. We are normally closed on Sundays, but will be open for this special occasion, and have crafted a prix fixe menu for a truly romantic evening. We’ll have several seating times and also will be serving vegetarian and pescatarian options available too. 

For more information on our special Valentine’s Day dinner, with menu listing, and to book your seats in advance, head over to our special Valentine’s Day page.