Last week, we had a great time at Outstanding in the Field and our collaboration with Chef Renee Erickson of Sea Creatures and Bateau fame. Her and her team from Seattle are absolutely amazing and they were all lovely people. It was also a great honor to rub shoulders and work alongside a James Beard winner. It was humbling and a truly great experience to collaborate and serve in one of the most picturesque and iconic locations, Ku’uloa Ranch. 

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday (January 28) and we are getting a head start at our farmers market this week. We’ll be on our regular schedule — Wednesday at Blaisdell, Thursday at Kailua and Saturday morning at KCC. Since the Lunar New Year or Tet as we call it in Vietnam, we are going to be serving some go-to dishes that Vietnamese serve during the Tet holidays: 

BUN THANG — A Northern Vietnam New Years noodle soup of all jullienned ham, egg, chicken, shiitake, pickled daikon, rau ram and mint, vermecelli noodles, chicken broth. 

SPICY CHICKEN MEATBALL — Chicken Meatballs mixed with jicama, marinated in a spicy tomato sauce

THIT KHO — Coconut braised Pork Belly and Eggs, pickle mustard cabbage, steamed rice

XOI GA — A Savory Sticky rice cooked in chicken broth, topped with poached chicken, ginger scallion sauce, shallots

As always, check out the full menu and schedule over at the Farmers Market page