A couple of the coolest things (well, to us) happened in the last two weeks. First off, we organized a special Hayao Miyazaki dinner, where we created a set menu with each course inspired by a Studio Ghibli film. This was part of the Hawaii Theatre’s Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli Film Festival. Check out the video below to see how a fun event it was, filled with Ghibli fans, cosplay and lots of foodie snapshots:

The other cool thing is something that, in our opinion, has come full circle for us, especially the Le brothers. Hollywood legend Kurt Russell dined with us and he knew about our BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA restroom! He was accompanied by his partner, Goldie Hawn, and they were gracious to take photos with the staff. 

Also, don’t forget that we are a part of Joy of Sake at the Hawaii Convention Center this Friday, July 22. To get tickets, head over to the Joy of Sake website

For farmers market this week, we are on our regular schedule. Mama Le specials this week are the following: 

BO KHO — Vietnamese style beef stew, braised in Vietnamese style lemongrass, carrots, leeks, tomato, herbs, fresh cut noodles

GRILLED PORK BELLY —  grilled pork belly, cabbage, shiso, mint, house pickles, vermicelli noodles

BO LUC LAC BOWL — rib eye steak, waipoli butter lettuce, red onions, basalmic vinaigrette, tamarind rice

As always, the full schedule and menu are at the Farmers Market Page