Hey, tickets are going fast for the upcoming OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD dinner at Kualoa Ranch this Saturday at Kualoa Ranch with Chef Andrew and the Pig and the Lady team spearheading the menu for this sure to be amazing farm to table event. These are unique culinary events where dining takes place where the ingredients are sourced. Here’s a description of this roving event, which is held around the world: 

Outstanding in the Field is a roving culinary adventure – literally a restaurant without walls. Since 1999 we have set the long table at farms or gardens, on mountain tops or in sea caves, on islands or at ranches. Occasionally the table is set indoors: a beautiful refurbished barn, a cool greenhouse or a stately museum. Wherever the location, the consistent theme of each dinner is to honor the people whose good work brings nourishment to the table.

Ingredients for the meal are almost all local (sometimes sourced within inches of your seat at the table!) and generally prepared by a celebrated chef of the region. After a tour of the site, we all settle in: farmers, producers, culinary artisans, and diners sharing the long table.

Tickets are going fast so book them now while you can! 

Also, want to make a quick announcement that we will be taking a much needed break and taking time off next week (January 25 - 31). So why not swing by this week and come eat with us. This week, in particular, we’ve got some great menu items, including the following:

CANH THUON — Similar to CANH CHUA, this multi-flavorful North Vietnamese noodle soup comprised of beef shank, ray ram (Vietnamese mints), tomato tamarind broth, and fresh rice noodles. 

PHO GA KHO — Mama Le’s famous chicken pho, but this time, the soup will be on the side. The pho noodles will be lightly sautéed with a dark soy sauce and served with fresh chicken, mints, veggies, etc. This is similar to the HU TIEU MY THO. 

COM HEN — Vietnamese-style ochazuke with baby clams

LOBSTER CHAO — Mama Le’s famous rice porridge with fresh lobster. This was a big hit when served at KCC this past Saturday!

— Vietnamese style caramelized and braised pork shoulder with eggs. The ultimate Vietnamese comfort food!

As many know, we do sometimes get long queues at the farmers market (hey, it is a nice problem to have). Well, if you want to plan ahead, just email Alex at alex@thepigandthelady.com an hour before the start of each farmers market and we'll get your order prepped. Just email us what you want and approximately what time you'll pick it up and we'll have it ready for you!

Per usual, we are on our regular farmers market schedule — Wednesday, 1/20 at Blaisdell (4pm - 7pm) / Thursday, 1/21 at Kailua (5pm - 7:30pm) / Saturday, 1/23 at KCC (7:30am - 11am). 

As always, our full menu is over at the Farmers Market Menu page