Just a quick reminder that we will be closed this week so that the staff can get some much needed post-holiday rest and recharge. Some of them will be taking some much needed travel to expand their horizons, while others will just stay home to "Netflix and chill." 

Also the restaurant will be closed so that Chef Andrew and his brother Alex can oversee a remodeling project on the second floor. Therefore, by the time their staff returns from r&r, they'll be walking into something brand spankin' new that both staff and customers will love and appreciate! Stay tuned with photos!

A quick note that we'll be back this coming weekend for the KCC Farmers Market on Saturday, January 30. We'll be posting the menu for this farmers market in the coming days. 

Mahalo for making our 2015 an amazing and successful year and we promise to continue to bring our A-game when we come back from vacation!