I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We had a quiet Thanksgiving lunch and dinner at both the Le and Fukuhara households and it was very fun and relaxing. We also had the pleasure to throw a surprise birthday this past Sunday for our fearless leader, Chef Andrew, and had it at Bills Sydney in Waikiki. It was a real drag to literally drag him out to Waikiki and make up some excuse for him to come along, and he kept throwing lots of obstacles in the way (“I have a meeting with the plumber” or “I have to get a haircut”) but it was worth it. 

This week leading into December, we are back on our regular farmers market schedule. Since the weather permits such type of cuisine, we are going heavy on the noodle soups this week. Here’s this week’s highlights:

BUN MOC — Pork balls, Vietnamese ham, fresh cut noodles, clear beef broth

GRILLED PORK CHOP PHO & BRAISED SHORT RIBS PHO — Mama Le’s famous pho is the base for this week’s special proteins, grilled pork chop and braised short ribs. 

SMOKED SPARE RIBS RAGOUT — Smoked spare ribs in Mama Le’s famous tomato based ragout (ragu)

NEM NUONG BANH MI — Vietnamese grilled pork sausages & meatballs 

In addition to the farmers market, we are also going to be at the Mililani Craft Fair this weekend! Check the graphic below for further details!

Finally, and just around the corner, we have Mama Le’s next farmers market pop-up scheduled for next week, December 9 at the Blaisdell farmers market.  $45 per person, limit to 30 people only. It will be a four course meal and dinner starts promptly at 5pm. 

As many of you know, Mama Le's pop-ups are fun, communal experiences with shared plates, and lots of interaction. This pop-up is Mama's take on Southern Vietnamese hotpot or LẨU VỊT NẤU CHAO. Duck is the main protein and the fermented soy bean broth is quite flavorful and packs a punch. Perfect for this cooler December weather! There will also be some appetizers, and of course, a dessert crafted by Rachel Murai and her PIA team. It's going to be a doozy for sure. 

Here's the menu for Mama Le's next pop-up on December 9 at Blaisdell:

1st course
Fried Chicken wings mixed with Mama Le's Nuoc Mam fish sauce 

2nd course
Roasted Duck salad with banana blossom, cabbage salad, mint, shallots, nuoc mam cham dressing

3rd course
Hot Pot style. Duck, Taro, fermented soy bean paste broth , ong choy, mustard cabbage, vermicelli noodles

4th course
Sorbet by Rachel Murai

To make reservations, email alex@thepigandthelady.com

Back to this week's farmers market, as always, you can check the full menu over at the Farmers Market Menu Page