It’s Thanksgiving week and we want to give thanks to all of our wonderful patrons who have made us who we are. It’s been a humbling experience to feed so many of you and we wake up everyday, wanting to pinch ourselves at how lucky we are in doing what we love. Therefore, MAHALO to all of our amazing customers and please know we will continue to strive to make your dining experience a great one. 

One of those experiences is making ordering take out at the restaurant as seamless and easy as possible. After a rough patch (we admit in the system not being so great to order takeout), we've partnered with Chow Now and have also launch an official app, for both iPhone and Android, to make the process now as simple as a few thumb presses on your screen. Both versions are available on the iTunes Store and Google Play. Just type in (with quotation marks, for all you Boolean logic fans), "Pig and the Lady" and the app should pop up. Oh, and it's free too. Now ordering take-out has never been easier. Or you can also order directly through our website.

As for Thanksgiving itself, Rachel and her #PIA team are knee deep in Grandma Suzuki’s Pumpkin Chiffon pie orders. The sheer volume was something that was completely unexpected and the team is working around the clock to ensure everyone has their orders ready. This calls for another big MAHALO!

As for this week’s farmers markets, we will be off on Thursday so no Kailua farmers market, but we’ll be at Blaisdell tomorrow and KCC on Saturday. Here’s the specials of the week:

BO LUC LAC — Mama Le’s grilled rib-eye steak, cubed and served with a vinaigrette and waioli lettuce in a warm baguette. You can’t get any better than this!

MARINATED GRILLED PORK CHOP BANH MI -- Mama Le’s special pork chop marinade and grilled on-site at the farmers market. 

SPARE RIBS RAGOUT — Mama’s French/Vietnamese style stew with peas, stewed carrots and spare ribs. This is the epitome of comfort food. 

SPARE RIBS DAIKON — slow cooked, stewed spare ribs with juicy chunks of daikon

POACHED TURKEY PHO WITH CRANBERRY SIRACHA SAUCE — We serve this every Thanksgiving week at the farmers market. Gotta stick with tradition!

BUN BO HUE WITH PORK SHANK & BRISKET — Mama’s famous Hue style noodle soup.

Also, for KCC only, we are also going to serve OXTAIL PHO and PORK JOWL PHO too. Check out the full menu over at the Farmers Market Menu page.