Mama Le's amazing COM TAM, Vietnam's answer to "plate lunch."

Mama Le's amazing COM TAM, Vietnam's answer to "plate lunch."

Last week, we celebrated Mama Le’s birthday and this week, we have another birthday and this time, it’s the OTHER lady, as in Chef Andrew’s life partner, Teri! She works mostly behind the scenes, and is instrumental in the graphic design and aesthetic of the Pig brand. If you see her around the restaurants (most likely with little Oliver in tow), wish her a happy birthday!

In the meantime, we are on our regular farmers market schedule this week. Therefore, here are the Mama Le specials for the week: 

BUN RIEU — pork belly, tofu, shrimp, crab & pork mix, ships, ong choy, banana blossom, vermicelli noodles, pork tamarind broth

COM TAM — quintessential vietnamese “plate lunch:” grilled pork shoulder, egg loaf, pickled vegetables, fried egg, broken rice, nuoc mam vinaigrette

BANH MI GRILLED PORK BELLY — grilled pork belly in mama le’s special marinade

As always, you can see the full menu and schedule over at the Farmers Market page.