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We have wonderful loyal customers who have been with us since the very beginning. They are definitely ohana. Many of these fine folks in the photo above attended our very first pop-up dinner in Kakaako several years ago. They've been our supporters, our champions, volunteers, friends, and ohana in this crazy journey. To us they are considered #PigRoyalty It is always great to re-convene, break bread, and enjoy everyone's wonderful company. Mahalo!

Now back to regular business — We are on our regular farmers market schedule this week. Below are Mama Le specials for the week: 

PHO SOT VANG w/ PRIME RIB — mama le’s famous pho, cooked with red wine and succulent pieces of prime rib

SPICY CHICKEN MEATBALL — chicken meatballs simmered in mildly spicy tomato sauce, fried onions

PORK CHOP EXPRESS — mama le’s “com tam” grilled pork chop, egg, pickled vegetables, rice

For the full menu and schedule, head over to the farmers market page