Honolulu Magazine’s Hale Aina Awards ballot is now online and The Pig & the Lady is up for 5 awards -- Best Oahu Restaurant, Best Cocktail, Best Vietnamese, Best Business Lunch, and Best Dessert -- Plus, Piggy Smalls is up for 1 award for Best New Restaurant! We were ecstatic and humbled by the wins we won last year and it just represented a manifestation of accolades that our dedicated and hardworking team could be very proud of. If you are a fan of ours and believe in what we are doing, please consider voting for us again this year.

Meanwhile here is our farmers market specials for the week: 

BUN THANG — vermicelli noodle soup w/ pork, chicken and egg

NEM NUONG - vietnamese grilled pork sausages & meatballs

PORK & SHRIMP — caramelized pork belly and shrimp slow cooked in claypot

PORK JOWL WATERMELON SALAD BUN BOWL W/ JAEW — grilled pork jowl marinated in palm sugar & spices, thai jaew sauce

We are also on our regular schedule as well. To see the schedule and full menu, head over to the Farmers Market page.