It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, doesn’t it? With the holiday parades, the lights up at Honolulu Hale and this windy, cold weather in Hawaii, it’s truly bringing in that holiday spirit! And what is the holidays if not for parties? Well, we’re fully equipped and ready to host or cater any holiday party this month! 

Still need to book your family and company holiday party! We have a number of different options for you ranging from small family gatherings at our Ward location, Piggy Smalls, to a complete restaurant buyout at The Pig & the Lady in Chinatown! Call us at 808-585-8255 or email us now at catering@thepigandthelady.com for more information and we can customize any event to your specs and liking! 

As for other events, we will be back at New Wave Friday at South Shore Market this Friday, December 8! New Wave Friday is a fun family-friendly event featuring activities, shopping exclusives, food, libations, live entertainment and more, located at South Shore Market, right down the street from Piggy Smalls. This “night market” will take place from 5pm-9pm. Swing by!

As for the farmers markets, we are on our regular schedule and have Mama Le specials that are perfect for this chilly weather we are experiencing:

BO KHO — vietnamese style beef brisket stew with carrots, tomatoes, garlic chives, culantro, thai basil, fresh cut noodles

CHA CA LA VONG FRENCH DIP BANH MI — “banh mi” version of the famous hanoi dish — local fish marinated in turmeric & galangal, fried in turmeric oil & scallions and dill, peanut, mint, shiso, lemon balm, cilantro, dill aioli sauce w/ canh chua broth

SAUTÉED MUSHROOM DIP — slow smoked portobello mushrooms, pickled mustard seeds, sriracha & lime onions, super awesome sauce, w/ canh chua broth

GRILLED CHICKEN & RICE — grilled boneless chicken thighs marinated w/ mama le’s secret bomb-ass recipe

BUN THIT NUONG THIT HEO — grilled pork belly marinated in mama le’s secret bomb-ass recipe, fresh vegetables + pickled vegetables, fish sauce, vermicelli noodles

Do these specials not make your mouth water? Come get some at the farmers markets this week! For the full menu and schedule, head over to the Farmers Market Page