Guess who is the big birthday boy this week? It’s Chef Andrew! He’s not particularly big on birthdays, but if you run into him, wish him “Happy Birthday” anyway. Deep down, we know he appreciates the acknowledgement, and our fearless leader sometimes needs to be reminded that it’s okay to celebrate one’s birth! 

Andrew was recently featured in two episodes of the award winning foodie series FAMILY INGREDIENTS. Chef travels back to the motherland with fellow chef and host Ed Kenney, and it looked like a truly amazing experience. Both episodes are available to view online -- Part 1 has Chef Andrew in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). In Part 2, he is joined by Mama Le and family as they travel to Hanoi, the birthplace of Mama. 

In the meantime, back to farmers market business — We are on our regular schedule this week and we have some classic, go-to favorites in the Mama Le Specials for the Week, with one new dish that we haven’t done in a long time. THIT BO XAO KHOAI TAY or Stir-fried beef with potatoes is the ultimate comfort food for us Le kids growing up. Think the Vietnamese version of “Lomo Saltado” and you’ll get the idea. It’s literally “meat and potatoes” but in such a savory, scrumptious way that it needs to be eaten with some piping hot rice. 

Here are the other Mama Le specials for the week:

BUN RIEU — minced pork, tamarind, crab fat, tofu, banana blossom, mint, vermicelli

THIT BO XAO KHOAI TAY — stir-fried beef, potatoes, onions, garlic w/ rice

MIEN CUA — crab meat stir fried with glass noodles

For the entire menu and schedule, head over to the Farmers Market page.