Looks like we missed two bullets this past weekend with both hurricanes pretty much veering off course and away from the archipelago we call our beautiful state of Hawaii. But, it’s always good to be prepared and civil defense and the Red Cross in particular came prepared. We were fortunate to donate food to the many Red Cross volunteers this past weekend, and we are happy that the crises were averted. We hope the many volunteers had a delicious banh mi sandwich though!

Although the KCC Farmers Market was cancelled this past Saturday, we still ventured to the leeward side and popped up at the Mililani Farmers Market on Sunday and it was a huge success. We were so surprised a the turnout, so we are thinking of making this a semi-regular stop on our farmers market schedule. For now, we will be serving at Mililani Farmers Market on the 1st Sunday of every month, but we will be there again this Sunday, September 11! 

In the meantime, we are prepping for our second brick-and-mortar location, Piggy Smalls. We are very excited to move into this new chapter in the Pig & the Lady family legacy, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. If you want to follow our progress, then follow us on Instagram.

Here’s this week’s farmers market specials: 

MI BO KHO —  braised beef shank stew in Vietnamese style lemongrass, carrots, leeks, tomato, herbs, egg noodles

MINUTE CHICKEN — lemon grass chicken curry banh mi 

GRILLED PANDAN CHICKEN — Mama Le’s famous BBQ chicken in her famous home recipe marinade 

We will be at our regular stops this week (Blaisdell on Wednesday, Kailua on Thursday, KCC on Saturday). For the full schedule and menu, head over to the Farmers Market Page. 

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