So, what did we miss?

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), the restaurant will be re-opened and fully recharged after a week of rest and relaxation. We also will introduce a new menu to kick things off! Stay tuned for more info on our social media. 

Since we are back to work. we’ll resume our regular farmers market schedule:

Wednesday, February 3
Blaisdell 4pm - 7pm

Thursday, February 4
Kailua 5pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, February 6
KCC 7:30am - 11am

Highlights from the menu this week include the following:

- Bun bo hue with pork shank and brisket

- Pho Bac — Northern style pho with rare beef (Saturday KCC only)

#mama banh mi
- Saigon Banh mi (Saturday KCC only)

- Porchetta banh mi

- Caramelized ground pork w shrimp

Quick reminder that we are still taking reservations for our special Valentines celebration. If you haven’t made any reservations for you and your significant other. You can make reservations here. 

As always, the full menu is over at the Farmers Market Menu page.