Quick reminder that this Wednesday at Blaisdell farmers market is the next Mama Le pop-up dinner, focusing on a unique Vietnamese cuisine that you don’t normally see in regular Vietnamese restaurant menus and it is also a communal experience with shared plates, and lots of interaction. This pop-up is Mama's take on Southern Vietnamese hotpot or LẨU VỊT NẤU CHAO.

Served as a hot pot with duck, taro, fermented soybean paste broth, ong choy, mustard cabbage, served over vermicelli noodles! Perfect for this cooler December weather! There will also be some appetizers, and of course, a dessert crafted by Rachel Murai and her PIA team. 

As of the writing of this blog, the event is technically sold out but there may be one or two more seats that will open up. Seating is at 5pm sharp at the Blaisdell Farmers Market. If you’re interested, then send an email inquiry to alex@thepigandthelady.com.

Since we are in the holiday season, consider booking your holiday party with us! We host great office parties, friends and ohana parties, of all shapes and sizes! Our calendar this month is booking up quick, but we can definitely accommodate. To make an inquiry, also email our general manager, Alex, at alex@thepigandthelady.com.

For this week’s farmers market menu, here are the specials:

OXTAIL PHO — If we were to rank our pho, this would be the platinum level, with slow cooked oxtail pho, cooked and simmered in the same pho broth for hours. This is simply the best. 

SAIGON BANH MI — This old favorite is back! Slow cooked char-siu pork belly, pickled veggies, carrots, cilantro and a poached egg in the middle!

VIETNAMESE PORK SHOULDER CURRY — Our Viet style curry is a favorite among many of our customers. For this week, we are adding chunks of succulent pork shoulder in it. 

NAM CHAM CHICKEN WINGS — Mama Le is making these as an appetizer. Do you love our Laotian Chicken Wings? Well, think of the same, but with her signature nuoc mam (fish sauce) flavoring. 

As always, the full menu is over at the Farmers Market Menu Page. Have a grew week, everyone!