BRANDON LEE - chef de cuisine

With two working parents, Chef de Cuisine Brandon Lee was the prototypical latchkey kid with a massive appetite, and would prep his own meals, from instant ramen to quesadillas. It was through flipping channels that he became obsessed with TV host Alton Brown, who melded the creative process, science and unique techniques in cooking everyday dishes.

Working at various kitchens around Honolulu, Brandon attended one of the first The Pig & the Lady pop-ups at Hank's Haute Dogs, where he met his future mentor, Chef Andrew Le. Inspired by Andrew's whimsical take on food, Brandon kept in touch with Andrew and a few months after that first pop-up dinner experience, he joined the P&L team, prepping for the farmers markets and in late 2013, helped open the first brick-and-mortar located in Honolulu's Chinatown.

After working at The Pig & the Lady for almost 5 years now, Brandon is humbled and honored to head over to lead the team at Chef Andrew's second location, Piggy Smalls. Brandon looks forward to present and maintain a delicious, inventive menu and a fun dining experience that captures the eclectic nature of The Pig & the Lady, yet also bringing innovation and uniqueness that is representative of Piggy Smalls.


JUSTIN CHUN - front of the house manager

Justin Chun was a physical therapist assistant before working at The Pig and The Lady. He learned a lot working at the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific but the one important lesson he learned was to see the patient as a person and the person comes first. This one lesson is why he's the general manager of Piggy Smalls.

Born and raised in Mililani, Justin is a foodie at heart. He and his friends would try to get a seat at our popular pop-up dinners back in the day but never could. So when he heard that we were going to be a brick and mortar restaurant, Justin applied and got hired as a server assistant. He soon got promoted as a server for our dinner service and our management team saw his potential to be the general manager at Piggy Smalls.

Justin has a passion for food and understands the importance of putting the customer first.

Regino "Gino" Ojano III - pastry chef

Originally from Hilo, Hawaii, Gino's first career after graduating from Chaminade University landed him at Bright Light Marketing for about ten years as an Advertising and Marketing specialist to many of Hawaii's top companies and non-profit organizations. When the public relations firm closed its doors in 2012, Gino took the opportunity to follow his dream of going to culinary school at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific Kapiolani.

Quickly he jumped into the industry working at the Honolulu Coffee Company and during the first year opening of Vintage Cave Honolulu. Through schooling and volunteering, he found his passion for pastry arts and joined The Pig and the Lady dessert bar opening under former pastry chef Rachel Murai.

Since joining in 2014, he grew from a Pastry Cook to Pastry Sous Chef and now is the Pastry Chef for both The Pig and The Lady in Honolulu Chinatown and Piggy Smalls in Kaka‘ako. Gino says, "The best part of making desserts is seeing others enjoy them. It makes me happy." Come in and say hello to Gino!