Man, did you all stay high and dry from that stormy weekend? Let’s hope the weather stays relatively dry this week, especially since we are on our regular FARMERS MARKET schedule! Rain or shine, we will be at Blaisdell this Wednesday, February 21, Kailua on Thursday, February 22 and KCC on Saturday morning, February 25. 

Here are this week’s Mama Le Specials:


PHO SOT VANG — beef shank braised in red wine, pickled chili, aromatic spices, fried shallot, green onion & cilantro

WILD BETEL LEAF & OCTOPUS SAUSAGE PHO — inspired from our favorite vietnamese street food "bo la lot", braised spanish octopus thats been wrapped with lemongrass pork then grilled and serves as main protein in mama legs famous pho

SMOKED PORK RAGU — a white wine French stew cooked with Vietnamese spices, pork, peas, carrots, celery, potatoes served over a bed or steamed rice

As always, to check out the full menu and schedule, head over to the FARMERS MARKET PAGE.