Just a quick head’s up to look out for our Valentine’s Day menus for both The Pig & the Lady and Piggy Smalls! The final menus and RSVP for reservations should be up by the end of this week. For Piggy Smalls, we are holding another “PAL-Entine’s Dinner” for all you amazing single people out there to pal up with fellow singles and share dinner family style! Just check back at our official website. 

In the meantime, we will be on our regular farmers market schedule this week.  Here are the Mama Le specials for the week:

BUN CHA CA DA NANG — Da Nang style fried fish cake noodle w/ pork bone broth, tomatoes, chili, fish balls, fresh vegetables

PORCHETTA FRENCH DIP BANH MI — crispy pork belly, house sambal, shoyu pickled cucumbers, smoked onion, hue-style beef broth, topped with pork skin cracklings

CLAYPOT PORK BELLY & SHRIMP RICE BOWL — braised pork belly and shrimp, caramelized and slow cooked in claypot over steamed rice 

As always, our full schedule and menu is over at the Farmers Market page. Have a great week!