It’s all about comfort food at the farmers markets this week. We are breaking out some of Mama Le’s favorite dishes that she loves to make and many of our diners love to eat, especially with the rainy weather we are currently experiencing. It’s all good, because these dishes are engineered to provide 100% comfort especially with this inclement climate. Also, don’t fret with the rain, because we’ve got you covered with tented tables and seats! Or, grab some takeout and eat in the warm confines of your own home, away from the elements. 

Therefore, here are the Mama Le specials for the week:

BU BO HUE — pork belly, brisket, calamansi, satay, banana blossom, rau ram, and ong choy, vermicelli noodles

BANH MI BO LUC LAC — “shaking beef style” premium rib eye steak, waipioli butter lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayo, mama le's vinaigrette

THIT KHO — coconut braised Pork Belly and Eggs, pickle mustard cabbage, steamed rice

We will be at our regular farmers market spots this week — Blaisdell today, Kailua on Thursday and KCC on Saturday morning. To check out the full menu and schedule, head over to our Farmers Market page

REMINDER: If you’re into something more upscale tonight, some seats have been released for the sold-put HO LEE GRAIl Chef & Farmer dinner that is happening tonight at The Pig & the Lady.