Halloween is also no longer for kids, Instead of chowing down on fun size candies, why not pre-order some Halloween themed part mix made by Chef Gino from The Pig & the Lady? Part of Frolic Hawaii’s Downtown lunch pop-up this Friday, October 28! Here’s the ingredients of the party mix:

Sriracha party mix with Honeycomb, Chex, toasted coconut, pretzels, black pepper meringue, pumpkin spice meringue and chocolate crinkle cookie bits

You know you want some! Going for only $10, you can pre-order them over at the Frolic Hawaii website

Have you been to Piggy Smalls yet, our new restaurant? It’s open for business and serving lunch and dinner everyday! To check out the menu and location info, head over to the Piggy Smalls official website

We will be at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival this Friday, October 28 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Check out more info here. We’re also going to be at the “Keiki in the Kitchen” event as part of this year’s Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. This is going to be a fun day full of activities, presentations and of course, food, for the whole family! The event takes place Saturday, October 29, from 10am - 3pm. For more info, head over to the event’s website

For this week’s farmers market schedule, it will be the same as always. Mama Le’s specials are as follows:

BUN RIEU — Northern style crab noodle soup, tomatoes, crab meat, banana blossoms, shredded ing choy, fresh vermicelli noodles

BO LUC LAC —  cubed ribeye steak, grilled with garlic and mama's specialty marinade, waipoli butter lettuce, red onions in vinaigrette

As always, the farmers market menu and schedule is over at the Farmers Market page