As 2015 comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our patrons and supporters for making this a successful one at The Pig & the Lady. We can’t believe this is only our second year in operation with the restaurant and over 4 years now with the farmers market. Things have changed so much but the farmers market has been the constant that hasn’t changed, which is great. We love building community and having a great time at the various markets we serve on a weekly basis. 

We dipped our toes with our first Mililani Farmers Market yesterday and it was really great! We are going to come back this coming Sunday, and will maintain a regular schedule for the time being. Also, since Thursday is New Years Eve, Kailua Farmers Market will be closed this week, but we'll be back next week. In the meantime, here’s our farmers market schedule for this week:

Wednesday, 12/30
Blaisdell: 4pm - 7pm

Thursday, 12/31
Kailua: CLOSED 

Saturday, 1/2
KCC: 7:30am - 11am

Sunday, 1/3
Mililani: 8am - 11am

In the meantime, here’s some menu highlights for this week: 

BUN BO HUE with Porchetta — pork belly/porchetta, brisket, calamansi, satay,
banana blossom, rau ram, ong choi

#mama banh mi
BANH MI Porchetta — Specialty banh mi with slow-cooked porchetta

Caramelized catch of the day with sautéed ong choy

As always, you can check the full menu over at the Farmers Market Menu page