Another busy Kailua Farmers Market last week Thursday.

Another busy Kailua Farmers Market last week Thursday.

November 3, 2015

We will be on a regular farmers market schedule this week:

Wednesday, Nov 4
4pm - 7pm

Thursday, Nov 5
5pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, Nov 7
7:30am - 11am

As many of you know, Mama Le’s BUN CHA HANOI POP-UP is tomorrow at Blaisdell, and it’s currently sold out. BUN CHA HANOI is a popular style of pork BBQ but eaten in a savory room temperature broth with fresh vegetables and vermicelli noodles. In addition to this, Mama Le is also crafting a 5-course menu around this dish and making other Vietnamese dishes that are not as well known as the Vietnamese cuisine that many locals are familiar of. 

Although this pop-up is happening at the Blaisdell farmers market, we are still going to have regular service. Specials this week are the following:

  • PORCHETTA BUN BO HUE — This is Mama Le’s classic pork shank noodle soup but with slow cooked porchetta included.
  • SMOKED KEILBASA SAUSAGE & EGGS PHO — So this should be interesting. Think of this as a breakfast style pho!
  • PORCHETTA DIP BANH MI — If we are going to have Porchetta on the menu, we definitely have to make it into a banh mi sandwich! 

Aside from the pop-up and farmers market, the team is pretty busy this week with various events around town this weekend. 

Saturday, Nov 7, we are doing serving our food at the Hawaiʻi H.O.M.E. Project’s 7th Annual Food and Wine Tasting Fundraiser – Hoʻola me ke kahiau," Healing with compassion through selfless giving”, at the Waikīkī Aquarium. This is a fundraiser for a UH Medical school program that funds student-run medical clinics around the island at homeless shelters. 

In addition, we are also working at the HBA Legacy Night, an annual fundraiser that honors Hawaii Baptist Academy alumni, who are captains in their industry, as well as individuals who do good service to the community and the school. Our sous chef Brandon will lead this team, since he is an HBA alumnus. In fact, we have several graduates from the school and sometimes their shifts align and the entire kitchen becomes an HBA reunion!

On Sunday, Nov 8, we are back at Ward Village (IBM Bldg) for the Ward Courtyard Brunch! Chef Brandon will be there again, from 10am - 1pm. At at the same time, Alex, our general manager, will be back at the restaurant hosting a baby shower. Whew, lots of stuff to do!

Reverting back to the farmers market, you can check out the full menu over at the Farmers Market Menu page.